Why do we said goodbye?
if theres still chance to try,
if we try...maybe our love will be the way,
for a brighter life and love to share.

Why do we have to feel the pain?
if there's a way to keep you out in vain,
if knowledge we know will be enough,
we can make our life easy without those bumpy route.

Why do we have to lose?
someone or something we needed most,
why do we have to be alone?
if there's a shoulder we can lean on.

Why do we always find it hard?
to forget memories and set aside,
why do something end up so abrupt?
and all that's left is regrets and doubts.

Why do this life so difficult?
not just to face it but to understood?
why do we have those right and wrong?
sometimes i just can't get it's so questionable.

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