My world is cover with darkness

When I decided to forget you,

But it’s easier to live in the dark

Than to continue loving you,

I know it’s painful, it’s hard and

It’s a torment to my heart…..

But I need to be strong…

To survive in the dark.

Sa Bus

Madalas ang akala ko umiiwas ka,

Pakiramdam ko ayaw mo kong makasama,

Pero isang araw nagulat nalang ako sayo,

Kasi di kalang sumabay, kundi umupo pa dito sa tabi ko.

Isipin ko palang na makakasama ka di na ko makapaniwala,

Pero ngayon nalaman ko na meron nga palang himala,

Di lang tayo magkatabi ngayon, nag-uusap pa tayo,

Nagtatawanan, minsan nagkakatinginan sakay ng bus papuntang Recto..

Ngayon pangatlong araw na nating magkasabay pauwi,

At talagang sumaya at kinilig ako sa bawat sandali,

Sana ito na ang katuparan ng mag pangarap ko,

Kung saan-saan ko pa pinagpapaplano,

Sa bus lang pala magkakatotoo.

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Matagal ng sarado ang puso ko sa pagmamahal,

Napagod na sa matagal na pahon ng kahibangan,

Masaya na ang mundo at tahimik na mag-isa,

Kaya lang biglang nakilala kita.


Nahibang, napraning, nawindang ang mundo,

Kinilig, kumabog na naman ang dibdib ko,

Muling nabuhayan ang puso kong bato,

Tangina, tinamaan na naman ako.

Pero…, ang mahirap malabo ang lahat sa atin,

Di kasi tayo nag-uusap at bihira kang mamansin,

Kaya ngayon kontento na 'kong araw-araw na makita ka,

Sana nga isang araw maging tayo na......????


I couldn't explain my mood earlier,

Cause I know my head is hotter than a heater,

I have no right but I couldn't control this jealousy,

Oh God, this ache is killing me softly,

I know……,

She's not doing me wrong but I hate her terribly,

If looks can kill she will die instantly,

So if you don't want to get hurt, stay away with my man…

If you still love your life, you must know he's mine.


Everyday I'm waiting for you,

Can't stop worrying until I see you,

And when you're there I can't help but stare,

Hoping one day, you will feel the same way.

Everyday is like a dream come true,

Especially when I'm talking to you,

I am always at ease when I see you smile,

Wishing I could be part of your happiness every time….

Everyday I pray to be close to you,

Hoping to dig deeper of what is inside you,

Wishing I could hug and kiss you all the time,

God knows how I want you to be mine.


He is a snobbish type,

But he got the looks that I like,

He often acted deviantly,

That is when he got my attention instantly,

He is unpredictable most of the time….

That's puzzled me to wonder why?

He rarely greets me; or smile at me,

But when he does it weakens me…

He's weird, he's moody, he's personality's obscure,

But for my broken heart he is the cure,

I love all the crazy feeling his given me,

Though he does not know it, I thank him deeply.

For me

Unmasked your face reveal the truth,

Don't be afraid to show your world,

Start anew enjoy each day,

Forget the heartache of yesterday….

Break the wall that covers you,

Don't let all your worries imprison you,

Leave all your past that caused you pain,

Step forward and leave the rain……


Allow your heart to beat again,

Feel the craziness of life for nothing in this world is certain,

Don't be scared to try to love once more,

Who knows the person beside you now is…………. the one you are looking for????