Wrong Thoughts

i thought i was so lucky to have you
i thought the happiness is true
then suddenly you walked away
left me without any words to say...

i thought it will last for a lifetime
i thought we will survive through the test of time
but you give up on me easily
your not strong enough to fight and stand for me.

but still i did my best to settle everything
i swallow all my pride to have you back again
but you choose to be coward in the end
so what's the point of going on if you're not there?


"The dream is over we're no longer together, time passes by but the question is....will you be back one day or it's gonna be goodbye forever..."

sometimes it's hard
to keep love in the heart
when things don't work out
and you're falling apart.

sometimes it's hard
to promise to be your friend
when love is still there
but the relationship ends.

sometimes it's hard
to get you out of my mind
when all i see is your face
and the thought of your embrace.

sometimes it's hard
to accept the reality
when i knew whats left is just your memory
and you will never ever be here with me.

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Old Lane

i realized how wrong i was to tell you i want you,
for few days passed I'm starting to discover a different feelings for you,
it's a sudden change i can't even resist to feel,
I'm sorry to say I'm falling out of love my dear.

changes shock me, 'cause all i wanted is to be with you,
not just beside you, but to share my life with you,
we broke up, set to be apart to go on separate ways,
but when i look at you, i find myself heading back to cross the same old lane.

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For Real

"my world is no longer a romantic place to see...instead it was filled with pain, loneliness, and uncertainty"

to see you with somebody else
is a big slap on me
i don't know what to say
what have you done to me?

i went home still wondering
why it had to end?
why it's still painful?
why the scars never mend?

ignoring my feelings
doesn't seems to be fair
i'm speechless can't figure out,
a better words to say.

But i need to move on
even if it's hard to live alone
now i have to accept you're not here
though this time i know that it's for real.

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