Your Birthday

i miss you 'cause we are apart
there's no on here to cheer me up
i miss the day that all so sweet
in almost everyday we meet

i miss the way i talked to you
specially when i am blue
'cause you always guide me through
in the best way that i should do.

i miss you very much
'cause i haven't seen you for a month
and i miss you most specially today
'cause i know it's your birhtday.

My Love

one day i woke up i'm not with you
t'was so sad because i miss you
all i have to do is just wait for you
wait for the right time that i can be with you.

many times i'm sleepless at night
when i think of you sometimes i cried
you know it's hard so i can even hide
the pain that i felt was deep down inside.

often times i really missed you
i'm longing for those moment i spent with you
if i can only back those days of yore
i will do it fast so we can be together at last.

it's been so long that i don't see you
and i realized how much i love you
and how i care about you
how much i need you more than anything else.

i hope up to now you feel the same way too
like the way i do
my feelings for you is still the same
same as like yesterday, no one can replace you in my heart
'cause for me you'll always be my love.

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The Days

It's a parents instinct and this is what i said before "The people around me never agree, they can't accept you to be the one for me. They say so many things against you, but i know i knew you better than they do." funny:-)

the days passed by for just a glimpse
those days of happy memories
those stolen moments we spent together,
makes us better and stronger.

Though i know this time will be apart
remember you're always in my heart
just always put this on your mind
that my love for you is eternal.

although our days are counted now
we only have few days left behind
lets make it memorable and special
and spend each minute worthwhile

our love is like a fairytale
full of memories and full of dreams
i only wish one thing to happen...
that it will be a happy ending.

and finally i'm almost done
this poem is already finished now
what i have said was all so true
'cause every stanza is a story of me and you

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I Belong To You

"i'm happily married, it's just now that i realized that you will only belong to someone when you promised to spend your life with that person, but then again i'm so young during this time. hehehe

when i learned to love you
real ecstacy came to me
those crazy thoughts that you gave me
makes my life extra ordinary.

my heart always beat with joy
whenever i hear the words
the sweet words i love you
that i always want to hear from you.

many nights i cannot sleep
then i became very pensive
many things bear on my mind
but your memory is all that i can find.

inspite of everything i still tried to forget you
and to get away from you, but my heart refused it too
what am i going to do, my heart always says
that i belong to you.

I Never thought

"I was so young then and so naive and i knew nothing about relationship, i don't even know the difference between true and untrue all i know then was that i'm in love with someone...."

i never thought
that i felt this
stubborn love of mine
i try to fight with it
but it always let me down.

i never thought
that you're the one
who'll catch my heart on valentine
i never thought
that you and i
will be together as one.

i never thought
that i need you
i never thought
that i love you
i asked my heart
if this love is true
and it answered yes
i love you too...

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First Time

This is the first time my heart gave in
the first time i love so real
unusual feelings that i can't expalin
it's hard to comprehend all of this things.

This is the first time i said "ilove you"
the first time i care for someone i hardly knew
i feel the magic and im under the spell
maybe that's the reason why i can't sleep that well.

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