I go to pieces

i go to pieces
whenever you pass by
cause you don't seem to remember
when i look into your eyes...

i go to pieces
whenever i hear your name
cause i can no longer whisper
that i love you so much dear...

i go to pieces
whenever i remember you
cause i know i can't have you
the way that it used to be...

i go to pieces
just to think it's over
cause dealing with the pain is much harder
though i know it will be for the better....

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Now or Never

i don't wanna base your time with your availability
'cause i want you to spend quality time with me
i can't deal with 3 minutes talking to you once a week
'cause i want to be with you everyday from morning until it's time to sleep.

i need you more and more everyday and night
and i miss spending time with you...you feel it too, right?
i want you right here, right now at this moment
if it will never happen let just forget about it.

Heaven or Hell

i have given you time to think things over
i even give you enough space to breath and discover
what is really there inside your mind
because it's very important for me to find
what lies beneath that heart of yours
it's gotta be a genuine love to be the source
to stay and live with me with no force.
i'm totally bare inside out
if it's not a mutual feelings
then the door for you will be completely shut
because i need an assurance and not a doubtful heart
from someone with the right reason
good intention and a peaceful soul
and not with the one with no other choice
than to scape their trouble
so..go with your conscience and find the right reason
from there you can depend on weather
you will live your life in heaven or in hell from now on..

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ako yung tipo ng tao na hindi umaatras sa laban
maging sapakan, suntukan o sabunutan man
pero kailan lang aking natuklasan
ang katapat ko pala ay karayom lang.

ako din ung tipo ng hindi mapapaiayak ng ganun-ganun lang
o di kaya'y aayaw sa anumang sagupaan
hwag na hwag mo lang ako na tutusukan
maging swero or injection takot ako dyan.

at lalong di mo ko masisindak agad
pero sa karayom maliit o malaki ang takot ko hanggang buto sagad
kaya di bale makipag-away ako ng buong taon
hwag na hwag lang ba sa akin karayom ay hahamon
ay kayang-kaya kong harapin ano mang pagkakataon.


i'm not the type who tell people on what they should do...
nor the type who pressure people to make their choices to...
cause i have the patience of waiting for the right time,
slowly pieces by pieces doubts should be out of your mind.

i can't always read nor relate with someone else way of thinking
unless they open-up, came out of their shell and started talking
that's the time of learning to trust someone without a doubt
the time in learning to accept reason and try to open your heart

for me that's the time of self realization
it's like honoring and accepting one love without reason...
it's also the time your heart stop all the questioning..
cause your totally free and finally satisfied with the awakening....

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"i know someday we could be friends"

if you're trying to be friendly
don't even waste your time
cause i have a lot of friends now
we're not buddy nope not this time....

if you're trying to let go
don't do it slowly
do it right away and say it in front of me
this time let's have a closure completely...

if you are sure with your plans
be strong and stand for it
cause if you leave today don't think of coming back
cause this is the finality of all the things that we have.

In my system

Growing up is part of the changes of a passing time within the life of a human being. People grow and change at the same time but still one part of the past remain stable and untouched, sometimes problem turned to be the way of remembering each passing days of one's life.

i leave my mind behind for a while
convincing myself for the possibilities of the emptiness to die
but i failed to tolerate my illusions to last longer
because i really couldn't fool myself forever.

i tried to take out the part of my heart who knew you
to enjoy the possibilities of life after you
but it is impossible to continue life without a piece of you
because you will remain in my system even if i don't like it too..