Which Way?

"it's difficult to tell which way will work for you not unless you have the opportunity to experienced that particular journey" :-) i thank God for being so good to me.

i'm encountering the hardest part of my life,
don't know which road to take ?????
it's a question of whether i will turn left or i turn right?
it's confusing... i need someone guide.

if i will choose to have the right path to be my way
it means i will left my heart in all despair
because i'm leaving my love alone
without the sureness of when will i come back home..

across the miles i will live my life with luxury
all the things i want will be given there for me
my future will be safe there somewhere,
but the real thing is that i will be happier if i could stay.

but then if i will choose the left side to be my way
and give you all my life and love to share
will i be confident enough to say you're mine
not just for now but for a life time????

but we know it's hard to go on just for love alone
love is just one face of life, we both do know
understanding to be understood is what i need
and pray someday..... again will meet.

right now i'm waiting for a miracle to light my way
and teach me where should i stay
without a bit of doubt to feel inside
to clear my mind to it's darken side..

but if i could only have the two roads
i will grab the chance to travel both
to know which way will work for me
and live my life with peace and harmony...

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