A love to fade

(It was 17 years ago. hahaha)

i act so strong but i was wrong
i act so brave to face my life but i can't live alone
i hide the real feelings deep inside me
but it makes me weak it kills me softly.

i tried to keep myself busy
just to get away with all the memory
but it doesn't work i feel so empty
cause' loosing you is not that easy.

i'm so lost without your love
and i just can't do things right
i ain't no good without you by my side
so i pray to get back the love that we once had.

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"All we hope for is far to reach or even far to see, cause what we promised was destroyed by uncertainty, changes occur unexpectedly so sad to say there's no more you and me."

You are the one who has to decide
whether you'll do it or toss it aside
you are the one who make up you mind
whether you'll take me or leave me behind
whether you'll try the goods that's afar
or just be contented to stay where you are
CHOOSE is the thing you should do
just think it over, it's all up to you?

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i wish you think of me the way i think of you
i wish you dream of me the way i dream of you
i wish you needed me the way i needed you
i wish you care for me because i care for you
i wish you feel the same the way you felt before
i wish you long for me because i long for you
i wish you're missing me because i miss you so
i wish you wait for me the way i wait for you
i wish you still love me the way you love me then
but if you already changed i still wish we could be friends.

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i never expect it will happen to us
i thought this love is for a lifetime
and thought i will be in your arms forever
until the last day of my life...
although it's happening right now
i don't loose hope
whatever happens i'll leave it all to chance
that we can be together again
as happy as we are before
you will be forever on my side
and i will be here for you always.

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