Time of Life

Years will past and time goes by
there's no end in all that times
it just keep on passing and time keep on moving
each year will end but there's another new year.

Time is important and days are important too
there's a lot of ways that you can do
so don't waste your life used it wisely
so when your time comes "HE" will judge you nicely.

Your life can be miserable but it can be great
you just have to handle it good and don't forget to break
cause' you're the one who's responsible in every road you take
so always be careful as well to yourself.

but i know....
you will only listen now but you still never understand
there's full of plan but no direction to find
there's always a way but you're doing it wrong
i'm hoping and praying that during the hard times you'll remain strong.

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It's still you

"no regrets or headaches yet, though adjustment is getting harder and harder to take. I know it's unfair but we still need to lie, deny and hide, we don't have the chance to taste the real freedom, and i know it wouldn't be so difficult if they only understand if the chance was given then the suffering is done."(it's my past)

We been together for quite a while now
and when i look back i can't believe we reach out this far
it's wonderful to see the same person beside me
i thank you for making me so happy.

when I'm beside you automatically my world will turn around
and everything is so nice to look around
when I'm with someone like you
whom i build my dreams beyond.

although we're not so free to show our love
it doesn't bother me
for as long as i know that I love you
and you love me, for now that's enough for me.

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Love and forget

i want to stop this stupid love
that caused me so much pain,
i know it's hard but it's my choice
to left you and start again.

although i feel the love is still
and never fade away
my decision is for good
so leave now just go away.

yo know you are the only one
who makes me laugh or cry
and i've learned a lot from you
thanks for all the things you've done.

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To a Friend

Yesterday is just a dream of our joy of growth
Tomorrow is only a vision of realities and truth
but today is the day you will live through happiness and hope.

remember that,
our life is a mixture of sunshine and rain
sometimes there's a smile and sometimes there's some pain
low tide and high tide just like a wheel
sometimes you're down or up on the hill.

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True Friend

Is someone i can count on
whatever problems will come
someone i can talk to
to do what's right not wrong

someone who will listen
to all the things i say
someone who'll accept me
through my mistakes and fear

someone who will not judge me
instead give me support
someone who'll accept me
for being who i am
without being bias or being unfair
is someone i consider as my friend.

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It's nice to have you

"So far so good, one year is quite a good reason for us to be proud of. Your patience and my faith jibe in a way, just wishing we could make it up to the final day"

The most nicest thing to me
are the things that never see
something i can only feel
specially when you're near.

the most nicest thing to me
is the love you've given me
that filled me so much happiness
nobody else can give.

the most nicest thing to me
is to bring back the memories
memories we shared before
that i always want to cherished.

the most important part is you
cause everything won't be possible without you
and i'm glad even though we're apart
we're still together holding on until the time is right.

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