Prisoner Of Love

I'm on my window of loneliness,
alone i'm suffering with emptiness,
and everyday i feel so useless,
because i'm trap in the middle of love and bitterness.

The pain is like an illness,
it's fatal i feel depress,
miles away so it is useless
to be with you and feel your caress.

There's no glitter or jolliness,
my existence in this world is now senseless,
even music can't help me cope up with this distress,
feeling i'm stock like a duress.

I'm getting out of control with all this fondness,
and i'm losing my way to happiness,
my mind continue to be restless,
your absence in my life brought me so much mess...

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010195 / 3:20pm
Bombay India

Love Is.....

Love is.....stronger and unpredictable,
it can occupy the whole of you that's how powerful,
it can manipulate your mind, heart and soul,
it gives you satisfaction you can't never ignore.

Love is.....not just fascination but a true fantasy,
it's not just a creation but a true ecstasy,
it's not a desire to feed all what you need,
it's the completion of you not in the manner of greed.

Love is.....the revision of life to be more exciting,
it's adding color to your world than just a simple drawing,
it sets an objective in your everyday routine,
it give you direction to reach all of your dreams.

Love..... can turn you serious and forget your crazy act,
it's willing to share and forget those selfish side,
it's the key to open our eyes in the deepest point of life,
that's what love can do and that's what love is all about.

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Bombay, India


even if you went away,
your memory will stay,
because you are the only one,
who makes me feel this way.

even if you forget me,
my world will turn around,
because all your thoughts will stay with me,
even after you're gone.

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It makes me smile whenever i think about you,
We started to be friends that's all i knew,
We been so close laughter is present everyday,
You always telling jokes so funny to my ear.

You help me with my report and you give me confidence,
You're always there for me, you give more than less,
You're always my support, you care so much for me,
I like being with you, you're so nice to me.

All our classmates believe there's something between us,
Because they noticed the sweetness between us,
I just have to laugh whenever they asked me,
Cause i know we're just close, you're a good friend to me.

I dont want to say anything and i don't want to explain,
But then i wonder why you've always been concerned,
Why are you doing so many things for me?
I can't help on wondering if you're in-love with me????

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Why do we said goodbye?
if theres still chance to try,
if we try...maybe our love will be the way,
for a brighter life and love to share.

Why do we have to feel the pain?
if there's a way to keep you out in vain,
if knowledge we know will be enough,
we can make our life easy without those bumpy route.

Why do we have to lose?
someone or something we needed most,
why do we have to be alone?
if there's a shoulder we can lean on.

Why do we always find it hard?
to forget memories and set aside,
why do something end up so abrupt?
and all that's left is regrets and doubts.

Why do this life so difficult?
not just to face it but to understood?
why do we have those right and wrong?
sometimes i just can't get it's so questionable.

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"When my past suck me in and sadness came in, i feel like stoping my world and delete all the part that makes me sad eventhough i know it is suicide."

I want to end that life,
by commiting any kind of of suicide,
right now i'll start with overdose,
so it wont hurt until my eyes closed.

or maybe i'll cut my wrist,
so my pulse will stop along with my body rest,
that way the ache will stop,
and the tears will be dry inside my heart.

or i'll stub myself , until im out of blood,
to forget how my life turn out so bad,
afterwards i wont feel guilty nor feel sad,
while i lie lifeless inside that box.

or maybe i'll just jump or hang myself,
until im sure that i am dead,
i choose to end it all than to suffer here alone,
and killing that past life is the only way for me to go on.

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Your Time

"Dedicated to Miss Menchie."

You're a bit too young to go there yet,
that makes it even harder to accept,
but what can we do if time was set,
and you have to go, while we can't...

Dry your eyes...don't make it wet,
go on and follow what's heaven sent,
listen and understand "God" with what "He" meant,
and give us signal where you went...

Because you're in a place where we couldn't get through,
even if we tried hard to see or visit you,
just hang-on there 'cause we will meet again,
when our time comes, we'll just trace the path where you step in...

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Happy Birthday Inang!

Happy new year Mother,
Try to be much prepare,
Life has a lot to offer,
Get your pick to start all over...

Age really doesn't matter,
As long as you aim for the better,
Changes thru times are bitter,
But it feels good right after...

Happy birthday Mother,
Try to be much braver,
Dig your life more deeper,
And do not stop to discover...

But put "God" first above the other,
Communicate everday with a prayer,
Ask for assistance where to enter,
Before you step forward much further...

I will cherish you Mother,
Though we're no longer together,
I wish you to be more stronger,
and i hope you will learn to all the failures
you'll encounter,

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Forget the past to embrace a brighter future ahead,
Learn to forgive to experience a peaceful life instead,
Completely open your heart to accept even your enemy,
and you'll begin to understand a true love without uncertainty.

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Hello Goodbye!

I'm completely living my life in vain,
My heart is bleeding with so much pain,
My direction nor decision is full of uncertainty,
Hello goodbye! is now my reality.

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How can we go on,
if our love is forbidden?
How can we stick together,
if the pain from our past is still unforgiven?
How can we survive,
if we will imprison our world with this extreme madness?
How can we taste the real happiness,
if we will keep on covering our world with undying

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Uncertain Fate

Are we meant to be friends,
Just to be enemy in the end?

Are we fated to cross the same road,
and just be happy without any complication's involved?

Are we destined to be in-love,
just to be apart to have a wounded heart?

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My Person

It's an obsession, i wont deny that im part of the "Moonlight Syndrome" so this is dedicated to Raon and Prince Lee Yeong, i love them so much specially Park Bo Gum :-)

Your shinning like a star in the night,
I couldn't let you out of my sight,
I always want you to be right next to me,
You're the reason why i feel so happy.

Your like the moon that lightens up my way,
Starring at you is what i want to do everyday,
I'm out of control whenever you are not beside me,
I will not allow anyone to take you "my person"
away from me.

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