Revise of History

why does it take so long for you to realize?
that we long for each other so stop making disguise,
are you letting the chance to just go and pass your way?
and keep on pretending you don't hear what i say?

sometimes i feel crazy and consider you damn,
cause you never see us when we're having fun,
why do you need to be with someone else arms?
can't you feel my love for you keep staying so warm?

i don't know what you're thinking cause i can't read your mind,
but i'm waiting for words, questions, or demands,
say something, be honest don't you try to please me,
i'm accepting whatever your decision will be?

i know you're in the middle of uncertainty,
and your decision right now will be part of our history,
why don't you revise the whole story,
and make a new life just for you and me.

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