It makes me smile whenever i think about you,
We started to be friends that's all i knew,
We been so close laughter is present everyday,
You always telling jokes so funny to my ear.

You help me with my report and you give me confidence,
You're always there for me, you give more than less,
You're always my support, you care so much for me,
I like being with you, you're so nice to me.

All our classmates believe there's something between us,
Because they noticed the sweetness between us,
I just have to laugh whenever they asked me,
Cause i know we're just close, you're a good friend to me.

I dont want to say anything and i don't want to explain,
But then i wonder why you've always been concerned,
Why are you doing so many things for me?
I can't help on wondering if you're in-love with me????

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