Piece of my Heart

I stop myself thinking about you,
i stayed away to places that remind me of you,
i done even read your letter whenever i feel blue,
or even reminisce of my happy days with you.

i give myself some space to do something else,
instead of wasting for someone who don't deserve the best,
i'd rather keep the feeling until it naturally fade,
and learn not to commit the same mistake i made.

before...i have all the reasons to love you more and more,
because you show me love i never seen before,
but then as time goes by, your love just change and that's it,
i dont understand you and i decided to quit..

my experience with our love is memorable,
it's a roller coaster ride but still incredible,
and though i hated you for what we have been through,
there's always a part of me that will always just for you.

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