Do you still think of me after we been through?
do you still remember all the days i shared we you?
do you look at me in my pictures that i gave you?
or you totally forget me 'cause you have someone new?

Do you still fall asleep in the middle of the night?
do you still long for me whenever we're apart?
do you missed my presence through good times and through bad?
or you don't need me now 'cause she's been taking my part?

Whenever you close your eyes do you still see my vision?
don't you think what's happening is for real or fiction?
don't you asked questions why it had to be this way?
why the love we both feel don't last till the end?

Do you still remember the way we used to be?
and the words we both say "you're the best part of me?
all of a sudden we agreed to parted ways
but the feelings we both feel isn't just change....

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