Which Way?

"it's difficult to tell which way will work for you not unless you have the opportunity to experienced that particular journey" :-) i thank God for being so good to me.

i'm encountering the hardest part of my life,
don't know which road to take ?????
it's a question of whether i will turn left or i turn right?
it's confusing... i need someone guide.

if i will choose to have the right path to be my way
it means i will left my heart in all despair
because i'm leaving my love alone
without the sureness of when will i come back home..

across the miles i will live my life with luxury
all the things i want will be given there for me
my future will be safe there somewhere,
but the real thing is that i will be happier if i could stay.

but then if i will choose the left side to be my way
and give you all my life and love to share
will i be confident enough to say you're mine
not just for now but for a life time????

but we know it's hard to go on just for love alone
love is just one face of life, we both do know
understanding to be understood is what i need
and pray someday..... again will meet.

right now i'm waiting for a miracle to light my way
and teach me where should i stay
without a bit of doubt to feel inside
to clear my mind to it's darken side..

but if i could only have the two roads
i will grab the chance to travel both
to know which way will work for me
and live my life with peace and harmony...

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Revise of History

why does it take so long for you to realize?
that we long for each other so stop making disguise,
are you letting the chance to just go and pass your way?
and keep on pretending you don't hear what i say?

sometimes i feel crazy and consider you damn,
cause you never see us when we're having fun,
why do you need to be with someone else arms?
can't you feel my love for you keep staying so warm?

i don't know what you're thinking cause i can't read your mind,
but i'm waiting for words, questions, or demands,
say something, be honest don't you try to please me,
i'm accepting whatever your decision will be?

i know you're in the middle of uncertainty,
and your decision right now will be part of our history,
why don't you revise the whole story,
and make a new life just for you and me.

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Do you still think of me after we been through?
do you still remember all the days i shared we you?
do you look at me in my pictures that i gave you?
or you totally forget me 'cause you have someone new?

Do you still fall asleep in the middle of the night?
do you still long for me whenever we're apart?
do you missed my presence through good times and through bad?
or you don't need me now 'cause she's been taking my part?

Whenever you close your eyes do you still see my vision?
don't you think what's happening is for real or fiction?
don't you asked questions why it had to be this way?
why the love we both feel don't last till the end?

Do you still remember the way we used to be?
and the words we both say "you're the best part of me?
all of a sudden we agreed to parted ways
but the feelings we both feel isn't just change....

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Wrong Thoughts

i thought i was so lucky to have you
i thought the happiness is true
then suddenly you walked away
left me without any words to say...

i thought it will last for a lifetime
i thought we will survive through the test of time
but you give up on me easily
your not strong enough to fight and stand for me.

but still i did my best to settle everything
i swallow all my pride to have you back again
but you choose to be coward in the end
so what's the point of going on if you're not there?


"The dream is over we're no longer together, time passes by but the question is....will you be back one day or it's gonna be goodbye forever..."

sometimes it's hard
to keep love in the heart
when things don't work out
and you're falling apart.

sometimes it's hard
to promise to be your friend
when love is still there
but the relationship ends.

sometimes it's hard
to get you out of my mind
when all i see is your face
and the thought of your embrace.

sometimes it's hard
to accept the reality
when i knew whats left is just your memory
and you will never ever be here with me.

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Old Lane

i realized how wrong i was to tell you i want you,
for few days passed I'm starting to discover a different feelings for you,
it's a sudden change i can't even resist to feel,
I'm sorry to say I'm falling out of love my dear.

changes shock me, 'cause all i wanted is to be with you,
not just beside you, but to share my life with you,
we broke up, set to be apart to go on separate ways,
but when i look at you, i find myself heading back to cross the same old lane.

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For Real

"my world is no longer a romantic place to see...instead it was filled with pain, loneliness, and uncertainty"

to see you with somebody else
is a big slap on me
i don't know what to say
what have you done to me?

i went home still wondering
why it had to end?
why it's still painful?
why the scars never mend?

ignoring my feelings
doesn't seems to be fair
i'm speechless can't figure out,
a better words to say.

But i need to move on
even if it's hard to live alone
now i have to accept you're not here
though this time i know that it's for real.

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A love to fade

(It was 17 years ago. hahaha)

i act so strong but i was wrong
i act so brave to face my life but i can't live alone
i hide the real feelings deep inside me
but it makes me weak it kills me softly.

i tried to keep myself busy
just to get away with all the memory
but it doesn't work i feel so empty
cause' loosing you is not that easy.

i'm so lost without your love
and i just can't do things right
i ain't no good without you by my side
so i pray to get back the love that we once had.

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"All we hope for is far to reach or even far to see, cause what we promised was destroyed by uncertainty, changes occur unexpectedly so sad to say there's no more you and me."

You are the one who has to decide
whether you'll do it or toss it aside
you are the one who make up you mind
whether you'll take me or leave me behind
whether you'll try the goods that's afar
or just be contented to stay where you are
CHOOSE is the thing you should do
just think it over, it's all up to you?

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i wish you think of me the way i think of you
i wish you dream of me the way i dream of you
i wish you needed me the way i needed you
i wish you care for me because i care for you
i wish you feel the same the way you felt before
i wish you long for me because i long for you
i wish you're missing me because i miss you so
i wish you wait for me the way i wait for you
i wish you still love me the way you love me then
but if you already changed i still wish we could be friends.

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i never expect it will happen to us
i thought this love is for a lifetime
and thought i will be in your arms forever
until the last day of my life...
although it's happening right now
i don't loose hope
whatever happens i'll leave it all to chance
that we can be together again
as happy as we are before
you will be forever on my side
and i will be here for you always.

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Where are you?

i used to have someone who love me,
i used to live my life with someone who care for me
i used to have someone to guide me
but now where are you to comfort me?

i can't go on straight without you
i cannot do things right when i lost you
i can't deny to myself i really love you
obviously i want you near, but then where are you?

right now it's really hard to stop and start anew
but it's more harder to believe with someone i hardly knew
though it's difficult to forget the things we used to do
i'll just move on and wait until i'm over you.

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Time of Life

Years will past and time goes by
there's no end in all that times
it just keep on passing and time keep on moving
each year will end but there's another new year.

Time is important and days are important too
there's a lot of ways that you can do
so don't waste your life used it wisely
so when your time comes "HE" will judge you nicely.

Your life can be miserable but it can be great
you just have to handle it good and don't forget to break
cause' you're the one who's responsible in every road you take
so always be careful as well to yourself.

but i know....
you will only listen now but you still never understand
there's full of plan but no direction to find
there's always a way but you're doing it wrong
i'm hoping and praying that during the hard times you'll remain strong.

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It's still you

"no regrets or headaches yet, though adjustment is getting harder and harder to take. I know it's unfair but we still need to lie, deny and hide, we don't have the chance to taste the real freedom, and i know it wouldn't be so difficult if they only understand if the chance was given then the suffering is done."(it's my past)

We been together for quite a while now
and when i look back i can't believe we reach out this far
it's wonderful to see the same person beside me
i thank you for making me so happy.

when I'm beside you automatically my world will turn around
and everything is so nice to look around
when I'm with someone like you
whom i build my dreams beyond.

although we're not so free to show our love
it doesn't bother me
for as long as i know that I love you
and you love me, for now that's enough for me.

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Love and forget

i want to stop this stupid love
that caused me so much pain,
i know it's hard but it's my choice
to left you and start again.

although i feel the love is still
and never fade away
my decision is for good
so leave now just go away.

yo know you are the only one
who makes me laugh or cry
and i've learned a lot from you
thanks for all the things you've done.

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To a Friend

Yesterday is just a dream of our joy of growth
Tomorrow is only a vision of realities and truth
but today is the day you will live through happiness and hope.

remember that,
our life is a mixture of sunshine and rain
sometimes there's a smile and sometimes there's some pain
low tide and high tide just like a wheel
sometimes you're down or up on the hill.

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True Friend

Is someone i can count on
whatever problems will come
someone i can talk to
to do what's right not wrong

someone who will listen
to all the things i say
someone who'll accept me
through my mistakes and fear

someone who will not judge me
instead give me support
someone who'll accept me
for being who i am
without being bias or being unfair
is someone i consider as my friend.

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It's nice to have you

"So far so good, one year is quite a good reason for us to be proud of. Your patience and my faith jibe in a way, just wishing we could make it up to the final day"

The most nicest thing to me
are the things that never see
something i can only feel
specially when you're near.

the most nicest thing to me
is the love you've given me
that filled me so much happiness
nobody else can give.

the most nicest thing to me
is to bring back the memories
memories we shared before
that i always want to cherished.

the most important part is you
cause everything won't be possible without you
and i'm glad even though we're apart
we're still together holding on until the time is right.

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