"When my past suck me in and sadness came in, i feel like stoping my world and delete all the part that makes me sad eventhough i know it is suicide."

I want to end that life,
by commiting any kind of of suicide,
right now i'll start with overdose,
so it wont hurt until my eyes closed.

or maybe i'll cut my wrist,
so my pulse will stop along with my body rest,
that way the ache will stop,
and the tears will be dry inside my heart.

or i'll stub myself , until im out of blood,
to forget how my life turn out so bad,
afterwards i wont feel guilty nor feel sad,
while i lie lifeless inside that box.

or maybe i'll just jump or hang myself,
until im sure that i am dead,
i choose to end it all than to suffer here alone,
and killing that past life is the only way for me to go on.

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